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Assessing value for money for projects and programs at Pallisa Local Rights program. January 10, 2017 at 9:58 a.m.

Th value for money grid tool is very powerful. i used this tool to assess the value for money of LRP program interventions in the community. it was even much better when used as successor tool with ripple of change tool. it gave an opportunity to rights holders to properly assess  the value of our interventions based on the level change in their lives as a result of the LRP work. During the discussions, the community members realized that certain programs in which they participated had very low impact on their lives thus low value for money yet their cost was high. they were able to give their opinions on how such interventions  can be improved in future. this was very essential in informing our next steps and planning while considering community priorities. Interventions informed by community members usually create a sense of ownership and power among rights holders and encourages them to fully participate.


Namulindwa Shibah

shibah is a ugandan female, a social worker and currently employed by actionaid Uganda-Pallisa LRP. i like working and standing together in solidarity with poor communities as rights activists. i enjoy matooke and chicken as my favorite dish and i'm in love with my work. See profile


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