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Promoting Rights in Schools

Promoting Rights in Schools

The Promoting Rights in Schools process supports children, parents, teachers and others to work together to identify issues in their local schools and education system and take action to ensure access to quality, free, public education for all.

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PRS 1 - Introducing the PRS process

A wide variety of stakeholders are involved in the Promoting Rights in Schools process, from the local to the district and nati...

PRS 2 - Selecting the schools

This stage involves carrying out a mapping of schools in the district to agree which schools to work in.What’s involved?You are...

PRS 3 - Preparing for data collection

Before carrying out data collection at a school it is important to raise awareness of children, parents, teachers and other com...

PRS 4 - Data collection

At this stage the team members carry out the participatory research, collecting quantitative and qualitative data in each schoo...

PRS 5 - Processing and sharing the data

At this stage the team members should come together to compile, triangulate and analyse their findings. It's essential to feed ...

PRS 6 - Developing a School Improvement Plan

At this stage the children, staff and parents at each school work together to develop a School Improvement Plan.What’s involved...

PRS 7 - Citizens' Education Reports

Citizens' Education Reports should be developed at the school, district and national levels.The School Citizens' Education Repo...

PRS 8 - Moving to action

A crucial part of the PRS process involves empowering the stakeholders to take action based on the issues identified at school,...


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