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Internal Accountability

Internal Accountability

NGOs and other organisations that work on behalf of people living in poverty must embrace and promote accountability. If communities are able to hold such organisations to account they will be empowered to do so with others and to claim their own rights.

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IA 1 - Participation and inclusion

It is important that NGOs understand and internalise the rights, interests and viewpoints of those with whom and for whom they ...

IA 2 - Evaluation and learning

NGOs are accountable for their performance in delivering their mission and strategy. They should gather evidence of their impac...

IA 3 - Transparency & information sharing

NGOs should make key information available to stakeholders, for example about activities, objectives, impact, funding, governan...

IA 4 - Complaint & resolution mechanisms

NGOs should readily and rapidly receive stakeholders’ views on their work, impact and behaviour. They should provide adequate r...

IA 5 - Monitoring commitments and ensuring comp...

NGOs should monitor compliance on their agreed minimum standards, policies and accountability principles and their implementati...


Have you used the work area in practise? To share information about a budget in a clear and simple way. South Africa and Uganda. Groups of women were.

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