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VfM 4 - Integrate findings and draw conclusions

VfM 4 - Integrate findings and draw conclusions

This stage of the process is likely to take around 2 days.

It involves: 

  • A. Integrating the community and organisational assessments
  • B. Drawing VFM conclusions
  • C. Developing a validation plan

  • Step 1: Start by reviewing the community assessment process itself, including the way that participants interacted and reached decisions at each step in the process. Note what evidence was mobilised and what was done to manage sources of bias and gaps. 
  • Step 2: Review the substance of the community assessments related to the list of observed changes and ratings, and their summary rating on the overall value of the programme. Compare this to the analysis of changes developed by the planning team during the assessment launch phase (Step 2.5). Facilitate discussion of the similarities and differences between them. 
  • Step 3: Review the eight principles of ActionAid’s Human Rights Based Approach to programme work, and relate these to observed changes reflected in the community assessments and/or in team discussions using the template shared in Step 1. Add other observations and sources of evidence about changes related to HRBA principles not reflected in the community assessments and/or in prior team discussions. Create cards for key changes, and post these as reminders to the group.
  • Step 4: Use the Value for Money Grid to explore the changes and costs associated with the programme, combining the results from the organisational and community assessments. Facilitate discussion of the similarities and differences between the two assessments.
  • Step 5: To validate the assessment and conclusions, use the Validation Tool to review the extent to which the results are based on adequate participation and reliable information and analysis. Identify what you can do to complete the assessment exercise to your satisfaction, through a) further information gathering and analysis and/or, b) further stakeholder involvement and stronger agreement. Integrate the action(s) into a validation plan, using the template below.


Developed by Daniel Buckles, SAS2 Dialogue ( and Francesca D’Emidio, ActionAid. 




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