People’s caravan

People’s caravan

To raise awareness or lobby on an issue.  

A group of people travelling together in procession often to raise awareness or lobby on a particular issue. Some people might stay for the whole journey whilst others might join or leave the caravan at points.


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Suwaiba Yakubu-Jibrin Tue May 17 at 08:05:01 0 like
I need more clarity on this tool. what steps are used in generating the messages that are convened on this process.

Karen Jørgensen Tue May 17 at 08:05:24 1 like
I believe that Uganda has been using this tool for their work on anticorruption - and it is useful for our future work on SDG 16

Suwaiba Yakubu-Jibrin Tue May 17 at 08:05:44 0 like
Is there any difference between the People's Caravan and the traditional Match or protest match


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